National Horse Show Recognizes Bill Berman and Pam Keenan for Generous Service

Lexington, KY – March 31, 2022 – The National Horse Show (NHS) formally recognizes William J. Berman and Pam Keenan for their generous service. As members of the National Horse Show Board of Directors for a number of years, the Board extends its sincerest appreciation to both Berman and Keenan for the expert knowledge they brought to the table. The NHS is also proud to present Berman and Keenan with the 2021 Welles Family Trophy.

Berman’s passion for horses runs deep as he has been riding, competing, and owning horses for over forty years. He has represented many Olympic riders, horse owners, trainers, horse shows, and horse show management throughout his law career, making him a more than qualified awardee of the Welles Family Trophy.

William J. Berman

The Welles Family Trophy, presented by Peter Welles, is given to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the equestrian industry. Previous winners of this award include Diane Carney, Hugh Kincannon, Harry De Leyer, and Liz Soroka.

“In 2004, I accepted a seat on the Board of the esteemed National Horse Show of America, Ltd.  It has been an exciting and fulfilling 17 years for me to have volunteered with all of the NHS family.  In 2022, I submitted my resignation as a Board Member of the National with the understanding that my devotion for the organization and all that has been accomplished has made every moment of my efforts an honorable success.” Berman recalls.

Pam Keenan

Keenan has been an integral member of the National Horse Show Board of Directors for the past eight years and notes her association with the National as one of her “life’s proudest moments.” Keenan comments, “I have regarded the National as the pinnacle equestrian event in North America ever since I watched our team raise the American flag in the ‘old Garden’ over 60 years ago.” She explains her resignation from the board is with mixed emotions, but wants to provide the opportunity for other “young, energetic people with new ideas the space and opportunity to add to the show’s future.”

We cannot thank both Berman and Keenan enough for their dedication to the National Horse Show and equestrian sport, and look forward to seeing what endeavors lay ahead for them.

“Both Bill and Pam have played integral roles in the continued development of the National Horse Show,” shared Jennifer Burger, President of the National Horse Show. “We are proud to recognize them for their service and cannot thank them enough for all they have contributed to our organization over the years. We wish them the best!”