The Hamel Foundation NHS 3'3" Equitation Championship

Class Specifications & FAQ


Yes, riders and trainers both need to be NHS members to compete. Click here to join.

Yes, riders competing in the NHS 3’3” Medal may compete in any other class at the same competition for which they are eligible, including the ASPCA Maclay, USEF Medal, WIHS, USEF Talent Search.

No, once qualified for the NHS 3’3” Equitation Championship riders may continue to compete in the qualifying classes. There is no cap on number of points or number of shows in which a qualified rider may take part.

Yes, a rider may qualify for the Maclay Regionals, Maclay Finals and the NHS 3’3” Equitation Championship in the same year. That rider may then compete in their Regional competition. If they are qualified to compete in the Maclay finals, a decision must be made in which finals to compete. 

No, riders must choose in which finals they wish to compete. Riders may not compete in both the Maclay Finals and the NHS 3’3” Equitation Championship.

Yes, entered the NHS 3’3″ Equitation Championship. Then after competing in the Regional class if you decide you want to show in the Maclay Finals, contact to make the change. 

No, the NHS 3’3” Equitation Championship is open to riders who have never competed in any of the following National Equitation Finals with fences at 3’6”: ASPCA Maclay Finals, US Medal Finals, USEF Talent Search (East or West), WIHS Equitation Classic Finals, Jump Canada Medal Finals or the North American Equitation Championship.