Chablis and Oh Brother Start Strong in Hunt, LTD. Amateur-Owner Hunter 18-35 and The Rencourt Foundation Amateur-Owner 3’3” Hunter 18-35 Divisions

Lexington, Ky. – Nov. 2, 2021 – Hunter riders were eager to kick off week two of competition at the 2021 National Horse Show (NHS) Tuesday, November 2 in the famed Alltech Arena. The countries top Amateur-Owner 18-35 riders took center stage Tuesday afternoon to vie for top honors during day one of the competitive Hunt, LTD. Amateur-Owner Hunter 18-35 division. In the end, Kelly Tropin and Chablis rode to lead the pack. In The Rencourt Foundation Amateur-Owner 3’3” Hunter 18-35 division, Vanessa Mazzoli and Oh Brother claimed the leading spot after winning the first over fences round and claiming fifth under saddle. 

Kentucky’s very own Bobby Murphy (USA) set forth a flowing eight-obstacle course that challenged the horses to keep an open and forward pace throughout the entirety of the course. The course was designed to focus on the traditional hunt-style with the beautiful natural jumps and long-set lines. Many riders found difficulty flowing down the first line to get the correct 6 strides and then continuing away from the gate up the long two-stride set towards the end of the ring. However, Tropin had no issue navigating her mount, Chablis, through the course in the Amateur-Owner Hunter 18-35 division, setting herself on top of the division going into day two of competition Wednesday, November 3. 


Vanessa Mazzoli and Oh Brother

Tropin and her longtime partner Chablis, a 13-year-old Wurttemberger gelding owned by Libertas Farm LLC, started out strong in the Hunt, LTD. Amateur-Owner Hunter 18-35 division. The flashy gelding jumped to a whopping score of 92 for his seamless effort that demonstrated textbook style and skill with Tropin in the irons. Chablis continued his winning ways in the under saddle, ranking first out of the 14 horse-and-rider combinations for his floating movement and animated expression. Tropin and Chablis hold a strong lead in the division and hope to continue their winning streak during Wednesday’s competition to ultimately earn the championship title.

Rounding out the day of competition, The Rencourt Foundation Amateur-Owner 3’3” Hunter 18-35 division took center ring. Mazzoli and Oh Brother, her own 14-year-old Warmblood gelding, expertly navigated the first round track, meeting each fence out of perfect stride and jumping in excellent form. The pair’s impressive effort wowed the judges, earning them a score of 88 to lead the 15-horse field. In the under saddle, the flashy gelding strutted his way to a fifth place finish out of the competitive pack, garnering a few extra points to help boost their leading score before day two of competition Wednesday.

Hunter competition will continue Wednesday, November 3 at 7:00 a.m. with the $1,000 Green 3’6” Hunter Under Saddle, and will conclude with the $2,500 Amateur Owner 3’3” Hunter 18-35 Stake in the Alltech Arena. To learn more about the 2021 National Horse Show, click here. 


Kelly Tropin – Hunt, LTD. Amateur-Owner Hunter 18-35 leader

On Chablis:

“He is thirteen years old and he has been in our barn since he was four. I got him when he was six. We have been together a long time and we know one another really well. It is really fun to come to these horse shows with him.”

On the course:

“He was amazing today. We got a 92 from the judges. He can sometimes be a little wild at these shows but he jumped super spectacular and he actually was quite excited today and spooking a little bit at the end of the ring, and so I had to be very smooth today and try to finesse, but that made the jump really spectacular. This ring is also really impressive for the horses. I love coming to this horse show.”

On competing at the National Horse Show:

“This horse show is simply amazing. We came here with him in 2017 and 2018. I could not come in 2019 because of work and 2020 was… 2020 so needless to say, it is fabulous to be back! This is my favorite indoor show! It reminds me that I wish I was young enough to still do the [ASPCA] Maclay [National Championship] again. I love to watch every class and just relive the experience of being here!”

On her future plans: 

“We still have to pull it together for tomorrow. My plan in the immediate term is to try and get some sleep because I normally don’t sleep the night before the second day. I just want to try and stay focused and take it jump by jump tomorrow. He will have a nice break after this and then get ready for the Florida season.”

Vanessa Mazzoli – The Rencourt Foundation Amateur-Owner 3’3” Hunter 18-35 leader

On Oh Brother: 

“I have had him for about four years now, and he is truly the best horse ever; I love him so much. I always say that he is my horse of a lifetime. He is very special to me and always tries his hardest. I know him so well, and he is just so great.” 

On Course: 

“He was really good. I thought the course was really nice and that the lines were really going, which worked out well for us. We just had a really nice pace and kept that all the way around. Tomorrow, I am going to try and have the same plan. Go in and have a nice consistent pace.” 

On National Horse Show: 

“It is definitely one of my favorite horse shows; I love it so much. The courses are always super fun, and everything is all done up so well.” 

On future plans:

“We probably won’t do much the rest of this year and will take a break. We will then do a couple of winter shows and then gear up for Kentucky Spring.” 

Thank you:

“I would also like to thank my trainer, Chris Bennett, and my mom for helping make all of this possible. I could do not it without them.” 


Place / Horse / Rider / Owner

Suzanne Thoben Marquard Amateur Owner Hunter Over 35 Over Fences:

  1. Gabriel / Ellen Toon / JT Farm 
  2. Love Note / Nancy Hooker / Richard Prant 
  3. Walk The Moon / Lynn Seithel / Lynn Seithel 

Hunt, LTD. Amateur Owner Hunter 18-35 Over Fences:

  1. Chablis / Kelly Tropin / Libertas Farm LLC 
  2. Catena 5 / Julia Weiss / Julia Weiss 
  3. Chaccord / Sybil Jane Rose / Homestead Lane Farm 

Oare & Adikes-Hill Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3” Over 35:

  1. Private I / Kelly Sims / Kelly Sims
  2. High Tide / Kit McClorey / Indian Rock Farms, LLC 
  3. Central Park / Mary Eufemia / Mary Eufemia

The Rencourt Foundation Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3” 18-35 Over Fences:

  1. Oh Brother / Vanessa Mazzoli / Vanessa Mazzoli 
  2. MTM Le Cadeau / Lindsay Bensimon / Lindsay Bensimon 
  3. Jalisco / Erin Brody / Erin Brody 

Suzanne Thoben Marquard Amateur-Owner Over 35 Under Saddle:

  1. Charming / Dorli Burke / Dorli Burke 
  2. Classic / Dorli Burke / Dorli Burke 
  3. Fable / James G. Anderson / James G. Anderson 

Hunt, LTD. Amateur Owner Hunter 18-35 Under Saddle:

  1. Chablis / Kelly Tropin / Libertas Farm LLC 
  2. Concerto / Caroline Ingalls / Caroline Ingalls 
  3. Silver Lining / Callie Seaman / Callie Seaman

Oare & Adikes-Hill Amateur Owner Over 35 3’3” Under Saddle:

  1. Flirtation Walk / Rachel Howell / Quiet Haven Farm LLC 
  2. High Tide / Kit McClorey / Indian Rock Farms, LLC 
  3. Freedom / Jeanine Cash / Jeanine Cash 

The Rencourt Foundation Amateur Owner 18-35 3’3” Under Saddle:

  1. Little Boy Balou / Annie Walsh / Annie Walsh
  2. Cantina / Helen Voss / Helen Voss
  3. Chevito / Lexi Maounis / Lexi Maounis