ASPCA Maclay Championship Qualification 14 – Show Rule Reminder

Lexington, KY – May 4, 2017 The National Horse Show Association wants to remind riders to review important qualifying rules for the 2017 ASPCA Maclay Championship class. Riders who are on the hunt for the opportunity to compete in the prestigious class can check their qualification status on the National Horse Show website.

The 14 Show Rule:

​​​​​​​Riders may compete in a total of fourteen (14) Maclay classes in a single qualifying period. Any rider who continues to compete after they have competed in fourteen (14) Maclay classes will no longer be eligible to compete in the Regionals (Exception: If a rider is not yet qualified for the Regionals of their official USEF state of residence after fourteen (14) Maclay classes, that rider may continue to compete until qualified for that Region. If a rider submits a Change of Region form requesting to compete in a Region that requires a higher number of points to qualify, that rider may continue to compete until qualified for the newly declared Regionals. Any rider that has already competed in their fourteen (14) Maclay classes must stop competing in Maclay classes as soon as they are qualified or they will no longer be eligible to compete in any Regionals.). 

It is the rider’s responsibility to calculate and know their points as well as the number of classes in which they have competed.

“I am happy that this new rule is helping our horses to show less, and teaching our junior exhibitors about planning for the long term, said Geoff Teall,  Chairman of the Equitation Committee. ” It is very important to all of us at the National Horse Show that people are aware of this new rule and that they have a clear understanding of it.”
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Katherine Bundy competing at the 2016 ASPCA Maclay Championship